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Simple to understand,

100% local,

WordPress driven services that contain:

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No hidden surprises.

All backed by over 20 years experience & awesome management...

so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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I am more than me.

Yes, I run my own studio but I also head up website design for the digital arm of a 100% Australian owned and operated hosting and IT support company.

My work and hosting is backed up... you are always supported, no matter what.


Core Vitals?

In 2021, Google introduced its new 'Core Vitals' metric, which measures, and ranks, a website based on its performance. Poor results will negatively impact a site's rankings in organic search results.

It is widely predicted that Core Vitals will only become stricter over time, resulting in poorly built sites increasingly loosing search engine traction.

Today, more than ever, a website is the sum of its parts, and sites that lack back-end technical skill and attention, are going to become increasingly worthless as business tools.

I constantly work with SEO and hosting experts, as well as advance my own 'bag of tricks', to ensure that our websites deliver solid results in Core Vital rankings, keeping you ahead of the game.

The Project


Set your content free...

Freedom Engine is a mobile first, 'social media' experience platform that gives you full ownership of your content.

Born out of the simple concept that your content belongs to you, and you alone, Freedom Engines have been designed to answer the simple question –

"Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Who owns your content and if you leave these platforms, what next?"

Visit > freedomengine.app