Two Decades!


The wild west days - Amazon was only 4 years old and e-commerce in Australia was barely more than a blip. Armed with a handful of html and a raft of experimental sites, we took over the design and development of San Franciscan start up

Over the next 4 years, went from a startup site, to one which was being used by professors at Stanford as an example of what good online shopping design should be.

By today’s standards, the structure was crude, and effective solutions for online SMEs non-existent, but the site we built and maintained gave sfbags the foundation it needed to grow into the successful company it is today.

But more than that, the basic fundamentals of what creates an effective online selling channel were being learnt… as they were being created!


With an idea of our own and the core skills needed to make it viable, we launched our own brand online, selling product to what was to become every corner of the world.

Taking the lessons learnt running e-commerce since ’98, and a commerce system co-designed with backend developer friends, we continued the journey.

From the technicalities of online payments and emerging online platforms, through to what makes an effective online selling proposition; we did both our own development and business building, exclusively in the online realm, making us among the first in Australia to retail 100% online.


Two decades from when we first started and over sixteen years on from launching our own online store, we now offer our unique combination of e-commerce development to SMEs who are looking to take their business online.

No matter how big you are, our approach is the same - to provide the most cost effective, standalone solution possible. No smoke, mirrors, hard sell or things you don't need; just straight forward, turn key solutions that work.

What’s more, our firm belief that our clients should be self sufficient, means we provide full training, as well as delivering ‘transportable’ solutions; while we offer a full service maintenance package, our clients can, at any time, take their site anywhere and not be caught out by proprietary software or systems.

PS: We do ‘regular’ websites too!